About the Author

T. F. Riordan became a financial advisor for Shearson, Lehman in June, 1976 at the age of twenty-four. At this young age his total focus was on the customer. T. F. Riordan always wanted to do what was best for his customers. This guiding philosophy was his beacon throughout his entire career.

T. F. Riordan's work history and life experiences have given him a unique inside-out and up-side-down view of the financial services industry. Read More..

Latest Works

Short Stories by T.F Riordan are chronicles of historical events and family life in St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is the cross roads of many types of commerce and cultures. One basic tenet from all these cultures in St. Louis is "help your neighbor". If somebody is elderly or infirm and needs their gutter cleaned, you're on the roof with a hose helping them. So when the world had a financial meltdown in March of 1993 and June of 2008 they turned to the citizens of St. Louis for help. It's our nature to give the problem 110 percent because everyone is family. But at the same time St. Louis citizens are highly trained craftsmen. No problem is too complex to be solved. Financial Masterminds narrates this time.

Suddenly They're Gone describes a young woman's, named Shelley, changing life in St.Louis. Shelley has family problems. Physical and emotional setbacks seem insurmountable. At the nadir, Shelley had no hope for the future. Unexpectedly Shelley's life traveled down a different path. Suddenly They're Gone recounts her life.

Ben and Michael's Christmas Train depicts Christmas Eve for Ben and Michael when Santa asks for their help. Their time with Santa reveals much more than they ever anticipated

Now you can read the true story how the Financial Masterminds transformed the world's banking and financial systems for all generations.

- Timothy F. Riordan